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ADAPT Physical Therapy clinics remain OPEN and is taking extra steps during the pandemic to minimize exposure or risk to all of our patients. You may notice some changes or questions asked upon entering any of our facilities, as our goal is to keep you and the staff safe.

We know that being too sedentary and pain issues will increase your chances of getting sick, so we will continue to help you in a more sterile 1 on 1 therapy setting, and

Thank you to SETNER one of the trusted names in PPE/Protective gear for providing us with “OMED Life’s On” face masks, hand sanitizer, and other items to all of our facilities to ensure your safety during this crisis and moving forward.

We are following the recommendations of the CDC and Michigan State Department of Health.

It is our recommendation that you get your information from reliable sources such as the CDC and your local health department and not from social media or articles that have been re-posted.

Below is a list of reliable sources and information about Coronavirus/COVID-19 for you.

Resources for Coronavirus


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